Picture Updates!

I haven't posted in a while....SHAME ON ME! Sorry....I've been super busy:)

I'll update you guys with pics so here it goes.....

Studio..Recording "Pretty Girl Swag" & "Already Taken"

Studio Recording:))

Before you look at the Pretty Girl Swag Pics...I wanted to share this...So about a month ago my manager & I were trying to come up with a mixtape title..we did...so when we decided to shoot PGS I already had my mind set on where I wanted to shoot & how I wanted it to look....So when we arrived to the second shot which was the graffiti wall...as we were shooting...my manager pointed out that my mixtape title was right above my head! CRAZY! Lol anyway...My mixtape title as you can see is called "THE TAKEOVER" ....Im a "Everything happenes for a reason" person, so of course I believe that the title of my mixtape is what it's supposed to be...it was meant 4 me lol ;)

Pretty Girl Swag Video