Video Shoot/Pimps & Ho's!!

Yesterday was beyond CRAZY!!! I shot my new video to a cover song I did...(it's a secret) lol.... There was even a bit of madness, from Pimps trying to recruit fighting! While I was on my way to the 1st scene, I got a phone call from my mom & aunt. They were on SUPER paranoid mode saying these guys were following us & making phone calls to have their "PEOPLE" come to where we were. I guess we were working in their "TERRITORY". When I finally got there, I got out and saw about 4 big dudes and 2 girls. I looked dead at one and he gestured me to come over there. When I shook my head no, his homeboy LAUGHED at him! At that point I told my mom & aunt they were harmless...& just there for the viewing pleasure lol. My manager eventually walked over to them to see what was up & they told him they were PIMPS lmao! I guess since I did have BOOTY shorts on & a few pretty girls with me, they wanted us to JOIN the team...HAHAHA! Everything turned out AMAZING though! Here are a few pics..enjoy:)

Behind The Scenes....Sayyy Cheese!

My Love Video

I had the privilege of shooting my first video & let me tell you it was no walk in the park! It was 45 degrees & I had no clothes on, so you can only imagine what that felt like. Other than freezing my ASS off I enjoyed every moment & it was quite the experience. I have to give some thank you's to the Director Alex Hsaio, my makeup artists Erin James & Daniel Chinchilla, my hairstylist Brandi Carter & Me Mom, Dad and other family/friends that helped out...& a HUGE thank you to the producer THX for creating such a dope track:) I LOVE YALL!